Monday, February 6, 2012

A Message from Our Family: Amendment One

Dear Friends,

Amendment One won’t solve a single one of the challenges facing our State. And on May 8th, we have a chance to vote NO.

Rather than educating our children, repairing our economy or preparing our State to compete in a 21st Century workforce, this is radical attempt to amend our State Constitution.

They say it is about protecting marriage – but that’s not true. In their haste to write discrimination into the North Carolina Constitution, Amendment One has real, unintended consequences for families.

Please take a look at this video message from Elizabeth and I on why we oppose Amendment One and join the effort to defeat it.

Amendment One undermines health care and prescription benefits for children and committed couples. It undermines domestic violence laws. And, it makes it harder to recruit jobs to our State.

That’s why diverse groups ranging from the faith community, to business leaders, to advocates for victims of domestic violence, to the NAACP are speaking out against Amendment One. Please join this effort.

It is OK to wrestle in your heart and with your faith about issues of marriage, civil unions and partnerships.

But writing discrimination into our State Constitution is just plain wrong.

North Carolina has a proud history of overcoming these divisive debates. We never shut our schools during the Civil Rights Era. Growing up in North Carolina, we were taught not to discriminate against our fellow citizens.

Stand with us and donate $10 to the Coalition to Protect ALL North Carolina families.

Then, on May 8th, vote to Protect ALL North Carolina families. Vote NO on Amendment One.


Cal and Elizabeth Cunningham


wafranklin said...

Thanks for your opposition to this intrusive attack on women by typical of the Republicans, the religious and fanatical right.

Bill Franklin

Go Heels said...

This is a very powerful video, and I (and likely many others) thank you for making it.

This proposed amendment writes blatant discrimination into our state's most significant document. As a proud North Carolinian who is proud of our progressive heritage, this is very offensive to me.

Thank you for taking a public stand on this issue. You've shown great leadership, and I will be a supporter of yours in the future.